what weDo

We offer a full office interior design service from concept to completion


We understand that no two projects are the same so we have  designed our entire process around creating client partnerships: understanding our clients in order to help them achieve their vision

Understand the Vision

An effective practice isn’t just one that looks good as it should engage your clients and help your team work smarter and more efficiently.

We dig deep into your organisation to learn about your unique requirements and specific processes before making well informed recommendations. Together, we can then build a strategic outline for your project including budgeted costs and approximate timelines.

Design the Space

Our designs always aim to capture your vision and embody your brand. Good design blends practicality boosting engagement and well-being, while supporting streamlined work flow and optimizing productivity.

Our design team leverages its expertise to offer you relevant, meaningful insight during the design phase of your project.

Document the Intent

We believe that careful planning and accurate documentation is the foundation upon which all successful projects are built.


Before construction begins, we conduct due diligence to ensure buildability of the design intent, clearly define the scope of work, and identify key project milestones. We then seamlessly manage the architectural drawing process and obtain all required approvals and building permits.

Construct the Project

At DB Projects, we in-depth experience managing construction projects. Our team is well prepared to handle the daily challenges of projects, large and small.


The secret to a smooth construction phase is constant, clear communication. Our dedicated team ensures that communication channels are always open, deadlines are met, safety policies are adhered to, quality standards are upheld, and that the end result exceeds your expectations.